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About Natys

Flowers have always played an important role in my life, flowers make me feel good and make connections between people. In addition, flowers give a room a more welcoming atmosphere. The reason flowers do this is that it gives a good feeling of connection to nature, a connection to something other than the normal, hasty world. On special days such as on a wedding day, flowers play an important role in creating the perfect atmosphere, especially on the bridal couple's big day. Together we take the time to choose a beautiful, elegant and appropriate bridal bouquet that tells a lot about you.

Your style, your wishes ... I will help you create a beautiful bridal bouquet on the most romantic day of your life. At Natys we help you realize it.

Where I come from

My parents were agriculturalists, my mother was called 'Naty' and worked for the Ministry of Agriculture in the Philippines. She was always very fond of flowers, especially orchids. She started grafting orchids onto wood and before we knew it, the backyard was filled with driftwood pieces containing vandas, cattleyas and dendrobiums, which were sold to acquaintances and interested parties.


She was very creative and has a natural talent for flower arranging. As a teenager I helped her a lot with the care of the flowers and flower arrangements she made with it.


After that I went to study at the University and my mother combined her work as an agriculturist and florist. When my mother died in 2004, I was a manager at the retail company, Marks & Spencer. In the 10 years that I have worked as a manager, I have learned that you should treat customers as you would like to be treated as a one.


In 2009 I met my love and a year later I moved to the Netherlands and got married here. The incredibly beautiful flowers that this country has, has prompted me to follow a different career path. I initially participated in a number of flower arranging workshops and later obtained a floristry diploma at the Boerma Institute in Aalsmeer. I also followed a number of specialization courses in funeral and wedding flower arrangements at the same institute.


People say that I have a gift, but I say that I have the passion, patience and artistic feeling for which I am grateful to my parents.

Armine B. Peña-Laagland
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