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Delivery in the Drechtsteden namely, Dordrecht, Papendrecht, Zwijndrecht, Sliedrecht, Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, Alblasserdam and Hardinxveld-Giessendam is free as long as the arrangement or flower arrangement costs 100 euros or more.  We do not deliver outside this region for the time being, but you can pick up your order with us.


We do not deliver on Sunday and Monday because we only work with fresh flowers and are dependent on the auction.


Orders of funeral bouquets before 12:00 noon will be delivered the following afternoon. For other funeral arrangements, a delivery time of 48 hours applies. (Due to the complexity of our arrangements, we need 48 hours to deliver the flowers to you in good condition).


Product                      Order day          Delivery day

Sympathy bouquet        Saturday            Tuesday

Funeral arrangement      Saturday            Tuesday

Sympathy bouquet        Friday                Saturday

Funeral arrangement      Friday                Tuesday

Sympathy bouquet        Thursday             Friday

Funeral arrangement      Thursday             Saturday

Sympathy bouquet        Wednesday        Thursday

Funeral arrangement      Wednesday        Friday

Sympathy bouquet         Tuesday             Wednesday

Funeral arrangement       Tuesday             Thursday

Sympathy bouquet         Monday            Tuesday

Funeral arrangement       Monday            Wednesday            


If you have special wishes for the delivery of your flower arrangement, you can leave it in the 'Contact form' field. In all other cases, if the recipient is not at home, the florist will do the following:


> the florist will leave the flower arrangement with the neighbors and leave a message in the letterbox of the recipient.


> call the recipient to make a new appointment


> leave a message in the recipient's letterbox with the florist's phone number to call for a new delivery appointment. If the recipient does not respond to the florist's written request, the florist may decide to destroy the product after a few days. This does not entitle the recipient and / or the customer to a new delivery or the cancellation of the order. Even if there is a delay of 1 or more days in the delivery, because the recipient is not at home and the product cannot be delivered on time. If the florist is forced to deliver the flower arrangement again, the florist reserves the right to charge delivery costs. This will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.


In most cases, funeral arrangements are delivered to the funeral home for the funeral or cremation. This is the most recommended method, so the flowers and box will always be together at the time of the ceremony. Most funeral arrangements are delivered in advance to the relevant funeral director at the location where the deceased is laid out. Even if the deceased is laid out at home, it is better to have the flower arrangements delivered to the relevant funeral director. This coordinates the funeral and will ensure that the box and the flowers are together.


If you want the flowers to be delivered to a home address, it is better if you ensure that someone is present to receive the flowers and that the delivery time has been contacted. It often happens that when the arrangements are delivered to a home address, the flower arrangements do not end up in the right place when the box is transported to the place where the funeral is.


It is not recommended to have your arrangements delivered to church and prayer house. It may be that no one is present at the time of delivery, or there may be a lack of clarity as to who the package is intended for. Also, there may be uncertainty about where to leave the flowers if there is no one to receive the arrangements. Our florist is aware that if the arrangements are to be left outside they will be exposed to the elements and this is not the ideal situation. Preferably this should be prevented.



Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that we work with seasonal flowers, the flowers used may differ from the photo. Our florist will provide an alternative that is as similar as possible in style, color, quality and value.

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